What is TEFL?

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) refers to teaching English to students whose first language is not English. They may need English for their job or to improve future job opportunities. Others are learning the language simply because they enjoy it. The students range from young children through to adolescents, undergraduates, professionals and the retired, who have finally found enough time to develop their hobby. Courses are paid for by parents, employers, the state or by the student. Many students are highly motivated and literate, and already have an aptitude for languages.

TEFL teaching positions are available in countries throughout the world and many are accessible with the certification we provide. You will generally be teaching either within a language academy, the state school system or privately. TEFL teachers may be native or non-native speakers of English so TEFL can offer an alternative form of work in non-native speakers home countries.

It's only fair to share...What is TEFL? - TEFL International Seville
What is TEFL? - TEFL International Seville
What is TEFL? - TEFL International Seville
What is TEFL? - TEFL International Seville
What is TEFL? - TEFL International Seville

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  1. Brenda Chandler
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    I am a native English language teacher and would like to apply for a teaching position at your academy.

    I am living in Seville and can be contacted on 662259914. I look forward to hearing a positive response to my application.

    Kind regards

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