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During the summer months, June to September, Seville experiences the hottest weather when the day temperature hardly falls below 30°C. The high average temperature usually stands at 36°C while the minimum is around 20°C. Throughout the season, Seville sees a great deal of sunshine, almost 12 hours each day. Moreover, the city remains very dry since the summer months bring almost no rain.


Throughout winter, December until February, Seville maintains a mild temperature. Although January is considered the coldest month it has an average high temperature of 15°C while the minimum stands at 6°C. During this season Seville generally receives 8-10 days of brief yet heavy rain per month. The city still receives almost six hours of sunshine daily throughout the season.

Autumn and Spring

During autumn and spring seasons, Seville sees a varied mix of rainfall and sunshine. The regular temperature stays in the mid 20s in spring. However, it may climb to 27°C in May. Spring brings a remarkably rainy period, usually concentrated to a few very heavy storms, which often reduces temperate levels. Autumn receives similar temperature figures. These are arguably the best seasons to visit Seville, as the temperature at night remains cool enough for a night out and/or a sound, comfortable sleep.

Seville Annual weather chart Weather - TEFL International Seville

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Weather - TEFL International Seville
Weather - TEFL International Seville
Weather - TEFL International Seville
Weather - TEFL International Seville