Vegan Restaurants in Seville (Vegetarian – Vegan – Veg Options)


Vegan Restaurants in Seville (Vegetarian – Vegan – Veg Options) - TEFL International Seville

Vegetarian versus Vegan
Seville is a foodie haven with international menus offered throughout the maze of narrow Seville streets in restaurants, markets and on street carts.  Among these choices you will find both vegetarian and vegan choices.  As Seville continues to spread its culinary wings it is learning a lot about the vegetarian world.  Sometimes there is confusion as to what should be included on a vegetarian menu but a patron should expect the dish would not include meat, poultry, or seafood. You may run across a restaurant that advertises some of their dishes as vegetarian.  Just stay alert especially if you are in a vegi-option restaurant. Make sure you ask them if they have used any animal or fish product. Some chefs regard chicken and fish as vegetarian.

A vegan restaurant in Seville would be similar to a vegetarian restaurant however they take it a step further and do not offer anything that includes an animal product including honey.  Because it is stricter about the use of animal products, vegan dining is sparse but growing.  There are many more restaurants with vegi-options.  As this demand grows so will the demand for vegan restaurants.  Currently, there are over thirty restaurants offering vegi-options.  To avoid confusion on the type of restaurant you are considering use either the Happy Cow link to a directory of vegetarian restaurants or go to the Ecosevillavegana Facebook page.  This page provides both education and information regarding restaurant and market sources for those who want vegetarian options in Seville.

Veggie Restaurants
Along with the local markets there are the various vegan restaurants and those restaurants that have vegetarian options.  The first one that comes to mind is the Restaurante Ecovegetariano Gaia.  Gaia is a combination market, alternative medicine and vegetarian restaurant.  It is located just off Reyes Católicos, a main street just off the Triana Bridge (Puente de Isabel II).  Close by is the Veganitessen located within the Arenal Market.  Veganitessen opened in 2009 and is one of the first vegan restaurants in Seville. This is a great place to pick up kebabs, pizzas and a variety of vegan tapas.  Around the corner is a wonderful bakery that specializes in sourdough bread.  The Alameda area is home to the Alameda Rock, a vegetarian turned-vegan rock-themed tapas bar and music venue and the El Paladar that offers a separate menu with only vegetarian options.  In the Alfalfa area is the Resaurante Habanita that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options with a Latin flavor.  El Enono Verde, a vegan bar offers a fixed priced daily menu.  There are many fusion dishes with Hindu, Japanese, Moroccan, and Spanish influences. These are just a few listings to get you started on your search for those vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Seville.

Dining Culture
In the traditional Seville restaurants and bars, small plates called “tapas” are offered as a starter or as a complete meal.  The tapa may also be ordered in a larger portion as a “media” or “ración o plato”.  These are usually washed down with a beer or a wonderful Spanish wine.

Along with the typical menu, there is a specific dining schedule that the locals adhere to.  It will help to know this schedule and avoid times when restaurant food is not available.  Early lunch and dinner exist but your choices are limited.
•    A common breakfast starts between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm and consists of a coffee and a tostada with tomato, ham and olive oil.  Certainly there are more choices but breakfast does not consist of eggs or even cereal.  Milk is not a common beverage and usually for children.  Orange juice is the preferred beverage.
•    Lunch is the big meal and usually begins at 2:00 pm and lasts until 4:00 pm.
•    The afternoon snack, “merienda” begins from 6:00 to 7:00 pm and is usually a coffee, juice or soda, a salty sandwich, “bocadillo” or something sweet.
•    Dinner is much lighter and later.  It is common to eat as late as 10:00 pm.  Because of the late schedule, most restaurants serving dinner close at 5:00 pm and re-open at 8:00 pm and the kitchens usually close by 11:30 pm.
There are some restaurants in the center near the cathedral and the Alcálzar as well as restaurants across the river in Triana that are open during these hours.  This would not be the best time to be looking for a vegan restaurant in Seville.

Some restaurants are changing to meet the needs of the huge international tourist market.  The restaurants are up-grading their buildings and adapting their menus and hours to meet the needs of these travelers.  With these changes, has come a heightened interest in vegetarian options.  Use the links above to search for vegan restaurants in Seville.  Remember lunch is at 2 and dinner is late.  Keep requesting vegetarian options even when in Spain.

It's only fair to share...Vegan Restaurants in Seville (Vegetarian – Vegan – Veg Options) - TEFL International Seville
Vegan Restaurants in Seville (Vegetarian – Vegan – Veg Options) - TEFL International Seville
Vegan Restaurants in Seville (Vegetarian – Vegan – Veg Options) - TEFL International Seville
Vegan Restaurants in Seville (Vegetarian – Vegan – Veg Options) - TEFL International Seville
Vegan Restaurants in Seville (Vegetarian – Vegan – Veg Options) - TEFL International Seville