A True Melting-pot

A True Melting-pot - TEFL International Seville

Have any of you seen the French movie ¨The Spanish Apartment¨? No? Well I recommend it. It´s the story of a young French man called Xavier who goes to live in Barcelona for a year to study through the Erasmus exchange program. In the process, he ends up living in a house full of oddball international students from a variety of European countries. A veritable melting-pot of cultures!

This was similar to my experience when I first moved to beautiful Sevilla. I found myself a shared flat through a rental company that specialised in placing exchange students in their early twenties with in apartments all over Seville. The flat I chose had 6 bedrooms with shared facilities and there were seven of us living in there. Over the year that I spent living there, the turnover was frequent so I saw flatmates from all around the world, ranging from the UK, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, the Czech-Republic, Argentina, Mexico… You name it! It was my very own Spanish Apartment; my international household. And we always found ways to communicate.

It is this very patchwork of cultures that promotes the cultural understanding and the crossing and merging of borders which I love. This is also something that happens when working as a language teacher. The things that unite us, the common ground, help us to communicate and find ways to bond and improve our ability to communicate with anyone.

Here at TEFL International Seville, a large number of our English students are Spaniards but we also train teachers in the TEFL Course and those students come to us from all around the world. Not only that! We teach many other languages, like French, Swedish, German, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and more… Whatever the demand is from our students.

For all these reasons, we could say that TEFL International Seville is a true International House. And that´s exactly how we like it!

It's only fair to share...A True Melting-pot - TEFL International Seville
A True Melting-pot - TEFL International Seville
A True Melting-pot - TEFL International Seville
A True Melting-pot - TEFL International Seville
A True Melting-pot - TEFL International Seville