TEFL International Seville + Global Ed Program = Global Challenge

TEFL International Seville + Global Ed Program = Global Challenge

New Collaboration – New Opportunity

Global Ed Programs and TEFL International Seville are mixing it up this summer with a six-week study abroad experience in Seville, Spain from June 14 – July 27, 2018.  TEFL International Seville provides a concentrated TEACHER CERTIFICATION PROGRAM to teach English as a foreign language.  Global Ed provides everything else:  choice of accommodations, trips, activities, insurance and all of the support you will need while in Europe.

With these two premium companies bringing what they do best to one program you now have the opportunity to focus on training to teach English as well as live and explore Spain and the neighboring countries.  Seville is enough in itself.  It is located in the south of Spain.  Beaches and mountains are one to two hours away depending on bus or train choice.  Cordoba, Granada, Ronda, Cadiz, Morocco and Portugal are all in easy traveling distance.

Life in Seville

Life in Seville is a complete adventure.  You can weave through the many streets exploring the history, street life, sports, parks, plazas, festivals, art and music.  The city center is a shopping mecca for clothing, shoes, accessories and all that is Spain.  Life spills into the streets at all hours of the day and night.  There is a rhythm to the city that is unique and exciting.  With this program, there are scheduled activities and free time to experience the Spanish culture and cuisine.

This is a city designed for walking and biking.  Also, there are buses and the metro for longer distances but the major mode of transportation is on foot.  Walking and cycling paths are everywhere and THERE IS A BEAUTIFUL RIVER FOR THOSE WHO ENJOY WATER ACTIVITIES.  The city does not have the steep inclines like the other cities in Spain.  It is so easy to navigate through the barrios enjoying an up close view of the street life and historical architecture.  Each corner you turn will offer a new experience.  The center of the city is so concentrated but exploring by walking or cycling will acquaint you more intimately with the culture and the people of Seville.

TEFL International Seville – TESOL Certificate

TEFL International Seville offers a 120+ hour TESOL certification to teach English as a foreign language.  The school is located in the most vibrant part of the city center, “Calle Sierpes”.  Classes are held four days a week with a three-day weekend available for travel or study.  Your training involves enriching teaching experiences with Spanish speaking students from the Seville community. This type of training gives you first-hand experience teaching non-native English speakers in a non-English speaking country.   The staff is selected for their creativity as well as their knowledge of the English language.  This is a vibrant bunch of teaching enthusiasts who keep you moving to achieve your end goal, the TESOL certificate.

All in-class TESOL certificates issued by TEFL International worldwide are validated by the Fort Hays State University (FHSU), Kansas USA.  FHSU provides a regular Quality Assurance Report on the TEFL certificate.  TEFL graduates also have the option of gaining three UNIVERSITY credits and a transcript from FHSU.  If you want to have a career that enables you to travel the world, teaching English as a foreign language is one of the best ways to meet that goal.

Global Ed Program – Study Abroad Experience

Global Ed Programs offers a fascinating tour of the area and its neighboring cities.  But even before those activities begin, they are planning your accommodations and pick-ups at airports or train stations.  This is a stress free way to study abroad.  All of the planning is done for you.  You do need to get yourself to Seville.   But once there, you will have the support you need to feel comfortable in your new environment.  The first activities are discovering the city of Seville.  You have both a day tour and an evening carriage ride around the “Plaza de Espana” and other historical architecture.  You will enjoy the famous tapas and churros as well as other traditional treats.  The weekends may be spent traveling to short destinations or a weekend away to enjoy a famous city like Granada.

Opportunity outside the University

You could opt to learn via the internet or at a local university, however, you would miss the actual face to face experience teaching to people who do not speak English.   This study abroad combination of earning a teaching certificate while exploring Spain seems more realistic and enriching.  Why stay home when you can get university credit while studying abroad?  The TESOL certificate will enable you to teach English internationally.  If you are looking for something to fill your gap year, complete this six-week program and work teaching English as a foreign language.

Click on this link for TEFL International Seville  or for Global Ed Programs to learn more about this new six week summer study abroad in Seville, Spain.

It's only fair to share...TEFL International Seville + Global Ed Program = Global Challenge - TEFL International Seville
TEFL International Seville + Global Ed Program = Global Challenge - TEFL International Seville
TEFL International Seville + Global Ed Program = Global Challenge - TEFL International Seville
TEFL International Seville + Global Ed Program = Global Challenge - TEFL International Seville
TEFL International Seville + Global Ed Program = Global Challenge - TEFL International Seville