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At TEFL International Seville we offer many courses including English classes for locals in Seville and TEFL Certification courses for native English speakers who would like to teach. Learning and teaching English are both great for personal development and the economy. In this article I will briefly discuss the benefits of learning and teaching English as well as the courses we offer to cover both of these subjects. Read through the list, discover what is best for you, and sign up for one of our courses today!

Benefits of Learning English
Learning a new language provides many benefits for the learner and English is one of the most useful languages to learn in the modern world. Learning a new language is great for the brain and keeps it sharp. There have been many studies that link people who speak more than one language to intelligence and better work ethic. Learning English can help you stand out in a pool of applicants when trying to get your dream job. It gives you the confidence you need to travel and speak with locals in their native tongue. This will prove to be useful in work and leisure situations. If you enjoy reading, watching television, or browsing the internet in your free time then English can provide you with even more outlets to do so. Overall, learning English will better your standard of living.

Our English Classes
We offer a variety of English classes to perfectly fit our student’s needs. These courses are offered Monday-Friday and take place at our academy or your business if it is arranged. Many courses are offered throughout the days from exam preparation courses to English classes we hope to offer everything you could need!

We offer English classes brought to your business. We teach English at a number of businesses and cater the classes to what employees need and want to learn as well as how they want to learn it. We teach things such as phonology, grammar, business English, listening practice, speaking, reading, and much more. Depending on your companies needs we can tailor the classes to be the perfect fit. We prepare extensive lesson plans ahead of class tailored to fit your company and employees needs. Give us a call and have us give your employees the tutoring and education they need to excel at their jobs.

Our conversation classes provide the perfect environment to practice your English and learn more in a variety of ways. Each course is three weeks long and consist of 24 classes. For these classes we have a rotation of teachers so students get to learn from and practice with different English accents and different ways of teaching. We offer classes in two levels: basic and intermediate. You will be practicing reading, listening, vocabulary, and exam preparation as well as conversation. These courses are great for students who want to practice their English while learning a variety of subjects.

Exam Preparation
We offer exam prep for different levels of both the Trinity and Cambridge exams. These preparation courses can be taught in a group or private setting depending on your needs. They are offered from morning until night but you can check out our website or call to obtain further detail on availability and current class schedules.

We offer private courses that can be specifically tailored to your needs. This could include but is not limited to: interview preparation, vocabulary expansion, job-specific English, specific exam preparation, and much more. Tell us about your English learning needs and let us do the rest. We will plan lesson plans ahead of time and specifically create activities to help you get the most out of your time with us.

TEFL Courses
TEFL, or Teaching English as a Foreign Language, is a certification that native English speakers can get in order to teach English around the world. This certification makes it possible for a person to travel the world teaching while earning money. This is one of the few jobs that you can find worldwide and never be too worried about employment. There is a job satisfaction provided by teaching that you can’t quite get anywhere else. Teaching allows you to influence the people around you in a positive way and help spread the wealth that is knowledge.

Our TEFL Course
We offer 4 week courses every month of the year that end with graduation and the new teachers receiving their certificate. The course is intensive but provides unrivaled and precious experience for new teachers. Over the course you will be planning and executing your own brand new lessons. This means creating unique and 3-dimensional materials that you will be using in class, coming up with new activities for students to learn through, and teaching Spaniards new forms of English and how to use it. These lessons you will be creating include: exam preparation, conversation, peer teaching, and more.

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Teaching and Learning English - TEFL International Seville
Teaching and Learning English - TEFL International Seville
Teaching and Learning English - TEFL International Seville
Teaching and Learning English - TEFL International Seville