Start Your English Teaching Career

Start Your English Teaching Career

Start Your English Teaching CareerWe are now well into the first month of the new year and we are moving along at a brisk pace.

If – like us – you have made a few New Year´s resolutions, we hope you haven´t given up on them just yet. Maybe your main objective was to quit smoking or lose those extra pounds you gained over the festive season. Then we wish you the best of luck. But if you were planning to take this opportunity to review your career path, gain some new skills and qualifications or even completely change your calling and start your English teaching career. Why not throw in a change of scenery as well and come greet the new year with us in soon-to-be-sunny Spain. Then you can stay and fill one of the many teaching jobs that are available here in Spain or take your TEFL certificate to any English academy around the world.

We can help you along the way to your new English teaching career or polishing up your existing one with a TEFL certificate and some great tools and experience. The course is perfect for teaching novices, with step by step guidance, basic tips and essential precepts of education. But for those of you who have already been teaching and want to brush up, don´t worry: we have enough to keep you properly stimulated. The course also contains extra detailed information, tried and tested methods to teach more advanced levels, tailor lessons to young learners, prepare classes for businesses, even deal with rowdy or difficult students.

So whether your English teaching career is just a seed in your mind or a fledgling that wants to spread its wings, let it grow here. For more details, check out our info in the ¨about TEFL¨ drop-down menu above.

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