Seville fair 2017

Seville fair 2017

It’s almost time for the Seville Fair again so we thought we would prepare you with a list of Do’s and Don’ts to get the most out of the experience.

Let’s start with the things we recommend you do:

–        Find yourself a good but affordable Sevillanas teacher to learn or brush up on the steps of this local dance so that you can hit the dance floor with confidence come the Feria.

–        Organise a time and day to visit the Feria with your friends. The Feria is a social event so it’s a lot more fun to go in a group than solo. Not to mention that most of the casetas (tents or stalls) are private and therefore you will need an inside contact, a local who can invite you into theirs.

–        Look up the weekly weather forecast before you go. It´s a bit disheartening to find yourself all the way over there when it starts raining. Worse still if you are unlucky enough to come home burnt to a crisp because you hadn´t anticipated the need for sunscreen. It looks like it’s going to be unseasonably warm this year with virtually no rain but don’t get caught unprepared.

–        Buy a Vestido de Flamenca (Flamenco dress) if you want to look and feel like a local and maximise the wow-factor of your souvenir photos. People say the trend for this year will be short, sleeveless dresses in fitting with the warmer weather.

–        Go online and check out the weekly program for special days and events. You don´t want to miss out on any unique experiences. This year’s Feria is special as it runs over an extra weekend so it kicks off at midnight on Saturday April 29th and runs until Sunday May 7th. Also look for the official public holidays or likely days off so that you can go to the Feria on the days that are not too crowded.

–        Put some cash aside in a safe place on your person so you don´t run out of spending money but you don´t run the risk of losing it or having it stolen.

–        Acquire a map of the fairgrounds from a local newspaper or online and find out where the public casetas are so you know where to find shelter, food and drink or even a seat.

And now, here´s what you should avoid doing:

–        Don´t miss special events like the lighting of the Portada de Feria, the gigantic gate, at the beginning of the week or the final day fireworks which can be enjoyed from many vantage points along the river.

–        Don´t spend a fortune on a new, custom made flamenco dress (unless you have money to spare). You can get great deals on second hand ones and it doesn´t cost that must to get them taken in. Then, when you leave Seville, you can sell it on and so continues the cycle.

–        Don´t forget that the fairgrounds are a little out of the center so plan your travel accordingly. It´s roughly a 15-40 minute walk from the center (depending on where you´re staying). Alternatively you can take a taxi there and back but this can get very pricey and you´re likely to get caught in increasing traffic as the week goes on. You can also go in style and ride a horse-drawn carriage to the fairgrounds but it´s more fun and less expensive to take a short stroll in one of the carriages in the actual fairgrounds.

–        Don´t leave anything behind: camera, sunscreen, an extra layer in case it rains or gets cold, cash money and a map of the fairgrounds are our top tips.

–        Don´t hesitate to try new food. There is a variety of special dishes that are typical of Feria week (these are even available in restaurants around the city). This is your opportunity to try something seasonal.

But whatever you choose to do, the most important thing is that you have fun: go at you own rhythm, ask questions, try new things and walk away with the best memories.

It's only fair to share...Seville fair 2017 - TEFL International Seville
Seville fair 2017 - TEFL International Seville
Seville fair 2017 - TEFL International Seville
Seville fair 2017 - TEFL International Seville
Seville fair 2017 - TEFL International Seville