Moving to Seville

What do I need to think about before moving?



We understand that moving to a new city is a big step.  That is why we help you to arrange your housing during the month of your TEFL program.  See more information about our accommodation here.  We recommend that you use our housing for that month as you will then have time to take your time and look for your own room or flat.  Seville is a university city and it’s easy to find accommodation here as many people rent our rooms in their flats.  Seville is Spain’s 4th biggest city, however the rents are low compared to many other big European cities.



Once you have obtained the TESOL Certificate with us you will have no problems finding work!  During the program we will guide you on how and where to look for work.  There is an extremely high demand for qualified English teachers in Spain.  The Course Director here at TEFL International Seville is constantly contacted by local schools that are looking for qualified English teachers.  Our graduates usually start working in private academies, in businesses or teach private classes. You can also take a look at our Job tab!


Living expenses

Compared to many other big European cities Seville is a rather cheap city to live in.  ‘Sevillanos’ love eating out and we are sure that you will do so as well!  Eating out is relatively cheap and you can eat a 3-course lunch for 8€!  For a more detailed list of the cost of living you can click here:



To work in Spain your need a NIE number. This is a personal identification number that you will need in order to get hired by a school.  It takes about 3 weeks to get the number, and be patient as you will need to wait in line for a couple of hours every time you go to the foreigner’s office!  Once you have completed the TEFL course we will tell you exactly what steps you need to take in order to obtain this document.


Health Insurance?

If you are European we highly recommend that you get the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).  This will cover you if you need to visit a doctor.  If you are non-European we recommend speaking with your insurance provider before leaving, to make sure that you are covered if you need care.



Seville is a safe city but we don’t recommend that you walk around with large amounts of money on you nor with important documents such as your passports as there are, as in all cities, pickpockets.  You will always feel comfortable in the city as there is always movement and there are always people out.

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