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Cambridge English Exams in Spain - TEFL International Seville

Millions of students, professionals and job applicants are taking English language assessment exams around the world each year. Some of them need it in order to complete their studies, to advance in their jobs or to boost their CVs for their job searches.

When these people look for a recognized exam, one of the exams that has almost become a household name is the Cambridge English Language Assessment. It is considered a complete and thorough method of evaluating an applicant´s level in speaking, listening, reading and writing. No to mention it is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (or CEFR) which is a globally accepted way of rating language ability.

Over 100 years ago, the first ever Cambridge exam was a Certificate of Proficiency, still known today as CPE. It was a 12 hour exam and only three candidates took it. They all failed! It was originally designed as a test for aspiring English teachers to certify their level and ability to teach others English.

Nowadays however the variety of levels and assessment methods has improved. They have added lower levels, a better breadth of skills testing, exams for kids, business exams and the ability to take the exam on a computer for those with difficulties hearing or challenging handwriting. With all these changes to make the exams more attainable, students have less reason to be intimidated by this exam. With the right preparation, ideally in a language academy with a qualified teacher, there is no reason not to pass your Cambridge English Exam. Further detailed information about the content, format and levels of these exams can be found here on our website.

In Spain there are over 150 exam centers to sit the Cambridge English exam. This is the 5th highest number of centers worldwide, behind the UK, China, Italy and France.

Here at TEFL International Seville, we prepare students for all levels of the Cambridge English Exams in Spain. So if you want to get your next certificate under your belt or are unsure which is the right exam for you, send us an email, call us or come chat to us and we will help you.

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