The Best Online Resources for Learning English

The Best Online Resources for Learning English


Online Resources for Learning English

There are many online resources for learning English and it is important to find the best one for you! This list will provide tips for learning English, detail the best online resources for learning English, and briefly go over the up and downsides of each one. By the end you should have an understanding of each platform and be able to pick the best one for you.

Tips for Learning English Online

Before diving into the list we will go over some tips to help you get the most out of your online learning experience.
1) Keep a journal nearby at all times. This should be for general note taking. If you hear or read something online that you don’t understand, write it down. If you have an epiphany or learn a new grammar rule, write it down. Then at the end of your session go over your notes
2) Keep a vocabulary list separate from your general notes. You should be adding at least 3 new vocab words a day to this list and always be practicing it day to day.
3) Stay organized. Make sure that you keep your notes and vocabulary list separate. Use highlighters and bullet points to keep your notes organize and easy to understand.
4) Listen in your free time. Listening to conversational English can massively help your fluency. There are many ways you can go about doing this: listen to an English podcast, watch television in English, or listen to English radio stations. You can use the app IHeartRadio in order to do this.
5) Practice what you learn. Make sure to find ways to practice your new English skills daily or at the very least weekly. Look for foreign language exchanges in your area, get a friend to learn English with you and practice with each other, find Facebook groups of expats in your country, or better yet go travel to a English speaking country!

Duolingo is a widely-known resource for learning a new language. It can be downloaded as an app or used on a computer via their website. Duolingo feels like a game and makes learning a new language fun. You can even connect it to your Facebook and challenge your friends to learn the language with you and track each other’s progress. Although Duolingo is known for being fun and making learning a new language easy it does have its downsides. Users may find that they are excelling in vocabulary and fluency but lacking in grammar. Grammar rules can be very hard to pick up on through Duolingo so if using this one I would also suggest doing separate research to learn general grammar.

Fluent U is a lesser known platform for new language learners but there is an overall satisfaction among users. It is video based and has hundreds of lessons. This platform can be really successful in increasing fluency, vocabulary, and grammar. Being video based may be a downside because the users are not necessarily practicing their English speaking skills. Another downside of FluentU is that it’s not a free resource. You can get a basic membership for $10 or the Plus membership for $20. If you think that FluentU might be a good option for you then go to their website in order to sign up for a free trial.

British Council
If you are new to learning English then the British Council Learn English website is great for you. It has many different resources on their free website for learning the language. To start off you can take a level test which can be found on the front page of their website. Afterwards you can check out the tabs at the top of the page to find what you need to practice most. If you start to feel bored then head over to the “Study Break” tab where you can play English based games or watch videos. The only downside of this platform is the navigability of the website. It is very wordy and can be extremely intimidating for a new English learner.

Hello Lingo
Hello Lingo makes practicing your English and fluency online possible! This resource is more of a social networking platform for language learners around the globe. You can practice with fluent English speakers or fellow learners of the language. This website makes it easier to learn slang and informal language and you can meet a partner who enjoys speaking about the same topics as you. The downside of Hello Lingo would be that it is solely community and conversation based so while you will be learning things you can’t learn in a classroom like slang and culture, you will also be lacking in the structure department. It is not designed to teach you grammar or vocabulary lessons so you are best off practicing those through another platform.

It's only fair to share...The Best Online Resources for Learning English - TEFL International Seville
The Best Online Resources for Learning English - TEFL International Seville
The Best Online Resources for Learning English - TEFL International Seville
The Best Online Resources for Learning English - TEFL International Seville
The Best Online Resources for Learning English - TEFL International Seville