5 Things You Master After the TEFL Course

5 Things You Master After the TEFL Course

Now that you´ve realized your dream of teaching English abroad, it´s time to prepare for taking your 4-week TEFL course with us in Seville. What a fabulous way to become the best ESL teacher out there! As you know, the course is intensive, essentially a teacher training boot camp, but don´t let that make you nervous, think of it as the ´warm-up´ to your career change.

Among the many skills TEFL teachers learn throughout the course, it´s not until after the 4 weeks pass that our teachers realize 5 tasks that they instantly become masters at. Those reading this blog before experiencing the course might think this sounds like an unspoken language, however our graduates can attest to the truth of how these 5 once challenging skills have become second nature in the teaching world.

1)      Time Management

People don´t think they have a problem with time management until they run out of time to complete a project, homework, or whatever. From the second you walk through the big red door at TEFL International Seville you will be running against the clock. With so much training and teaching experience to fit in, our students quickly became fans of following a schedule and knowing exactly what is due when. This organized system also helps when you complete homework or teacher preparation at home. This way teaches you to stay focused and accomplish many assignments in a shorter amount of time.


2)      ¨Teacher Talk¨

Yes, it´s exactly what it sounds like! Teacher talk deals with not only how the teacher is talking, but also what the teacher is saying. We train our TEFL teachers to articulate their ideas in a concise manner so that all students can understand them. More specifically, this refers to how we simplify our vocabulary so that our ideas can be comprehended by any level language learner. All of us are guilty of having a wonderful idea, but then not being able to get it out of our mouths and have everyone understand it. Does this sound like you? We can help!

3)      Creative Activities

It´s so easy to fall into a pattern of being page-flipper teachers, or traditional boring worksheet teachers. We help you break that pattern and find the joy of bringing language learning to life! At first it may seem challenging, but c´mon, if it were so easy it wouldn´t be such a valuable skill for us teachers. TEFL retrains your mind to develop fun, active, communicative activities that will have your students begging to come back to class. Yes, that means you get the title of being the ´fun teacher¨.

4)      Materials Creation

So, now you have your awesome activity that your students will flip out about, but what about those materials? Say goodbye to printouts, worksheets, boring handouts, and say hello to simple, quick, and effective learning materials that enhance your activities! Since you will be making your materials handmade, you will learn how to take a piece of paper and make it a writing in the 3D shape of a paper airplane, or something that spices the class up. No more expensive textbooks or props, make them yourself! You´ll learn how to make scrap paper take different forms and uses. As best said by us, simple is effective!

5)      Lesson Planning

For many, lesson planning can be boring and at times, too tedious. Although you dread it now, in 4 short weeks you will be sighing of relief that you learned to make a kick-butt lesson. You will practice lesson planning in all its unique ways: templet, format, group classes, one-on- one classes, and even last-minute handwritten lesson plans. Fear not future student, it all gets easier as you go. #lessonplanningmadeeasy

Of course, there are numerous other skills that TEFL teachers master after completing the course, but these always seem to be at the top of the chart. Well, what are you waiting for?  Let us know if you agree, or should I say, how much you agree with this. We can´t wait to see you here!

It's only fair to share...5 Things You Master After the TEFL Course - TEFL International Seville
5 Things You Master After the TEFL Course - TEFL International Seville
5 Things You Master After the TEFL Course - TEFL International Seville
5 Things You Master After the TEFL Course - TEFL International Seville
5 Things You Master After the TEFL Course - TEFL International Seville